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Nike Air Max 270 Hot Punch Performance Review

The Air Max 270 is characterised by that robust and chunky Air Unit which comes planted in the heel. So what’s not to love about the Nike Air Max 270 Hot Punch? This bold and vibrant silhouette brings some serious curb appeal to the streets.

So we will check it today .

I’ve been eyeing the Nike Air Max 270 ever since it was first teased and announced online by Nike. The massive Air Unit at the back was the biggest come-on and it now already popular in the street .

For this sneakers , you will s see that the bubble is pink-red and turns into a very dark orange at the heel. that is the bright design .

The styling looks great and it’s always refreshing when there are new silhouettes released by big brands as it gives you a new dynamic for a look. These are pretty bold to style and look great with jogging bottoms or sweat pants and I think I’ll be mostly wearing them in a relaxed environment or down at the gym.

For the material ,the upper is made of a very light and breathable mesh.The upper is an interesting mix of engineered meshes and fuse, and new “Air” branding is flaunted all over the silhouette. When trying on we were slightly surprised at the fit. At first glance, the shoe looks rather heavy as far as the entry is concerned, but it was easier than expected. I like this one ,I can feel that the comfortable and soft for this shoes , also it has the great court feeling when running, maybe the midsole is amazing.  The upper immediately clings to the foot and sits comfortably , so you do not slip in the shoe back and forth, which is definitely positive, even for jerky movements. In the first variants, the upper is always kept tonal, even the swoosh. Also positive is the heel, this is very good and better padded than it is otherwise the case and the shoe is so very comfortable to wear.

A mini Swoosh sits across the sidewall and Air Max 270 branding is embossed to the tongue. Not only eye-catching but unbelievably comfortable, fans of the Air Max are going to appreciate this all new silhouette. It’s a brand new silhouette from Nike, in which case, of course, the sizing, material, and workmanship are always amazing. That’s why we grabbed the part and put it on the road for you, please check the picture as below :

Combining the one-piece tongue design with the slightly asymmetrical lacing system, stability may not be an issue.

For the traction : It used the  great rubber pods and flex grooves, the fist feeling that what I playing is comfortable  and I can feel the bounce .also the traction pattern not only  flexibility but soft .

For the cushioning: Do you want to get the feeling as if you are walking on air? The shoe makes it possible.What stands out immediately is the size of the air bubble at the back of the shoe, its big and its bold and brightly coloured – there’s no mistaking it’s silhouette.The huge Air cushion is in this case not only an eye-catcher but offers high wearing comfort. Nike brings with the Air Max 270 in any case a good everyday alternative at the start. The biggest worry I actually had with the black soles and the passages to the air cushion regarding the processing and adhesive residues. Especially on black, such places are very ugly and let the shoe very quickly look cheap and cheap.

For the supporting , I can not feel a lot , but the air bags is comfortable and bounce .In this shoe, Nike has used the tallest Air Unit in history, its height is 32 mm. Its main goal is to provide the best cushioning ever. This massive U-shaped Air Max unit is seamlessly integrated with the transparent plastic heel counter 

The sole is responsive and grippy, the upper is stretchy and breathable thanks to the perforations.

The Air unit is flexible and cushy, and the heel counter adds stability.

There is a newly designed “air” logo and the heel cup matches the Air Unit. As for the outsole, it features rubber pods and they give good traction. Besides, EVA foam improves cushioning and flex grooves enhance flexibility.

For the fitting : Probably something with mesh and half size was up in the back of my mind and that was the right decision. The upper material is a bit thicker and therefore more durable, this is reflected in the case in size again, a half size up is therefore advisable.

Overall, Nike Air Max 270 provides superior comfort thanks to a soft removable insole, a breathable and stretchy upper, a dual-density midsole, a stable heel counter and an incredible Air Unit that offers superior cushioning.

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Nike Lebron 15 orange box Performance Review

Nike LeBron 15 Orange Box that pays homage to the original box Phil Knight designed in 1972. Featuring a bright orange hue across its Battleknit upper, sneaker is detailed with a white Nike Air embroidery branding on the heel ,for the colorway is the best bright .

We will check it today.


For the box ,followed by the classic stripe pattern seen on the midsole colored in grey with white hues, mimicking the OG box design.


For the material : it is followed the last version of Lebron with the battleknit , it is  Flyknit , but it’s thicker and feels awesome on feet. we can see the knit is reinforced by some glue for durability, but there is also more stretch fit areas for an easier on and off. For me ,my feet felt secure once laced-up tight when my break-in time. For those concerned about materials stretching or the fitting questions, I’d suggest wide-footers stay true to size, and for those with slightly narrow feet, maybe choose 1/2 size down .that is will be better.


For the cushioning : it used a full-length visible Max Zoom unit was from the LeBron , the modified Max Zoom Air allows areas of the shoe to be more flexible,so you can feel your feet a more free-flowing type of movement,and you can do what you want to do in the court . That is the best parts what I like . The cushion setup was amazing , it is suit for the weightier , the cushioning is enough for them.

For the supporting :  the torsional midfoot shank and TPU heel counter work well, so the Lebron 15 supporting is nice , For the  linear player, it  lack of support might make you change your mind on this particular pair.However, if you move laterally often then you’ll likely feel the instability and it’ll hinder your on court performance. It caused me to hesitate instead of moving as I normally would around the court. for the weightier , it is will be nice for them.The shoes can  provide proper stability for foot placements.There is no word yet on when or if the Swoosh will make modifications for consumers,.

This sits atop a striped gray midsole, with embroidered Swoosh and Nike branding towards the heel of the sneaker.



For the traction: Traction has been a little solid ,but it will be soft then others . You can feel the triangle pattern bite and grip the court really well from a linear standpoint. If you run up and down the court, just like how LeBron plays.For me , I feel the the court I had played on was one of the most pristine surfaces I’ve had the pleasure of encountering. I know there are some killer colorways releasing that use translucent rubber, also someone will say this pattern can not easy to keep clean , also  I just keep in mind that if my pair with this traction pattern didn’t offer as much bite laterally as it could have, dont worry , it will be work well .


Overall, Lebron 15 orange box’s materials and fit are highlights, and the cushion is the best Nike has offered in years and the colorway also brightly.Stability made them a bit concerning for me while on the floor and I never ended up feeling as comfortable as I wanted to be.Especially for people who play multiple positions and can’t always accommodate a linear playing style.That is great, and hope that it will help you a lot .

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Trigger Extreme —Nike Zoom Fly

On May 6, 2017, Nike officially started running at the Nike Breaking2 in Monza, Italy. After a 42-kilometer journey,  in what was an impressive feat of athleticism, Eluid Kipchoge ran a marathon distance in a record 2.00.25, 2.32 seconds faster than the current world record. This recent piece in the Wired magazine covers the finer details with a comprehensive backstory. it was still faster than the world’s full marathon record with 2.32 seconds , also recored his best score by 2.32 seconds.


Nike launched four running shoes with this Breaking 2 plan, of which Zoom Fly is the first to be sold. In early June, Nike held an event in Shanghai and found 42 elite players and 420 mass players to complete an event with the Zoom Fly.

The color of the shoes is inspired by the Italian Monza circuit, a touch of blue, and the large Swoosh is particularly noticeable on the upper, and the red in the midsole has an exaggerated design that makes the running shoes dynamic.

For the box , it is simply .

Nike describes being “designed to meet the demands of your toughest tempo runs, long runs and race day with a responsive construction that turns the pressure of each stride into energy return for the next”. is it ?

For the material , it is used the Flymesh material with the Flywire, which provide the great grip and durability.At the same time with the traditional mesh lightweight material and breathable features. The upper support function is provided by Flywire’s . A total of 20 Flywires in the left and right pairs can provide the necessary support for the arch and the instep when tightening the laces.


Lacing is a flat type shoelace with a hard material that is easy to adjust  and not easy to loose.

There are some details as below :

The insole used  the high-density foam  that Nike is currently focusing on. It is very thin and allows the foot to feel better in midsole technology.

For the material ,Engineered mesh  used and Flywire strap-based lacing. that is nice setting up.

It is  usage of the word ‘Zoom’ in the Zoom Fly’s name is a bit odd. It neither has the namesake technology in the form of an Air bag, nor the newly introduced foam used in the Vaporfly Elite and the 4%.

We can look the decomposition diagram as below :




The term Zoom is used here as a figure of speech, with Nike marketing the Zoom Fly as a ‘fast’ shoe. Zoom is an onomatopoeic word, descriptive as in ‘Zoom past,’ and has nothing with do with an actual Zoom Air bag.

The Zoom Fly’s midfoot sole height is astonishing 33mm, and the forefoot is also about 23mm. The thick midsole design has a very good cushioning effect. There is a 10mm drop between the front and back foot, which is more than 8mm long running shoes. This is to effectively reduce tendon injuries and allow the forward running posture to be easily maintained.

For the traction :It is  comfortable with the rubber and also  it like the feeling of Adidas boost .

Zoom Fly’s biggest selling point is that it has embedded a nylon plate  (carbon fiber’s full length nylon plate) embedded with carbon fiber material, subverting the conventional flat carbon plate design.

I remembered  to the J-shaped carbon blade prosthesis from Oscar Pistorius  , This design not only provides sufficient propulsive force to maintain the running posture, but also reduces the energy consumption when bending the toes, and does not increase the load on the lower legs.

In terms of structural design, the Zoom Vaporfly elite’s shovel structure was used, and an arrow-shaped design was formed at the heel position. At the beginning of the wear, the bottom was very unstable. Although there is no additional midsole support material, Zoom Fly’s heel midsole is a block design, and the width of the midsole is greater than the upper width, so that you continue to remind yourself during the running, the forefoot is comfortable , the sole is only Slightly excessive.


Internal plates or shanks aren’t a new concept. Shorter versions are commonly found in trail running shoes, racing flats and the like. The rigidity provided by the plate helps the stability and transition quality of the shoe, and in use cases like trail running, protection is the primary objective.

I didn’t really notice the weight penalty of the shoe even in the early stages when I was running 6:00 miles because the shoe is just so smooth once you get going. On the cambered sections, I did feel a little bit on pressure on the insides of my feet, but no more so than in the Lunaracer, and the high stack of the shoe did not cause any issues of instability either. I did run a wider line a few times to get to less cambered sections at times just so the gait felt smoother.

So vaguely speaking, the Nike Zoom Fly is a hybrid between a Mizuno and a Hoka. This unique approach to the midsole construction results in a ride quality which produces an experience like none other.

The shoe has a very high arch, which may be too much for some.  And I simply cannot see running trails in these, it’s too tall, too unstable, and invites rolled ankles.  Plus the sole felt a bit slick on dirt.  But this will be a fabulous shoe for racing any distance from 10K through 26.2, as well as tempos and long runs.

This design gives the Zoom Fly its distinctly responsive feel, making transitions fast even for a shoe this cushioned. Since the thinner end of the plate is ‘floating’ inside a thick stack of rearfoot foam.

Overall, the upper molds like any good running shoe in my mind, should, wrapping perfectly around my arch, while leaving enough room in the toe box for my toes to splay.  Heels were perfect. It is a nice running shoes from Nike.

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Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Performance Review

Jordan Brand will launch the low-help version of AIR JORDAN 11 RETRO in every spring. In order to celebrate Easter ,then Jordan released  “Iridescent” color scheme in 2018 , Using all-leather material, the patent leather part can only see the jewel-like color changing effect under special light, and the outsole also has pearl-like colorful features, making this pair of low-cut new products quite popular.

As we know , dressed up with an emerald green patent leather mudguard, this particular selection features an unmissable iridescent glow that adds a nice touch to the Easter theme the Jumpman is going for with this drop. Finished off with an icy-blue outsole, the newest Jordan 11 selection continues the theme of releasing its low versions during the months of April.

Air Jordan 11 LowRelease

Date: March 31, 2018


Style Code: 528895-145 (Men’s)

Style Code: 505835-145 (Preschool)

Style Code: 528896-145 (Gradeschool)

Style Code: 505836-145 (Toddler)

Color: White/Emerald Rise-Black

For the box, it is simply but  classic as usually .Black shoe box, front golden JUMPMAN LOGO

There are some details of the  side .

The seal on the inside of the lid.

For the cushioning : With the lightweight Phylon and full length Air unit in place, but I feel it a little solid.Impact absorption is available , that is great, and consistent throughout while still maintaining decent court feel in the can do anything in the court , that is work well .

for the supporting : The Carbon Fiber adds a lot of support along the entire base of the foot and some part of supporting is from the material , that is nice. jus t like Concord  , it is great.Lockdown is perfect all the way up the shoe so there isn’t much to complain about.

We can see clearly for the material and the colorway , it is emerald green patent leather mudguard, seems a little similar the Concord, but pretty good .

Leather shoelace hole on the side of the shoe, it is still the classic one .

For the traction : it is improved compare with last one . The clear sections are nice and sticky straight out the box, which is good and bad depending on court conditions . for me  it is a little solidon the court. Usually when you have a translucent outsole you lose traction when dust or debris is on the court , it is seems not easy to keep it .but overall the traction is nice .

Black insole with green JUMPMAN LOGO

Grey backsole back

The  width of  insoles forefoot  is 96.56 mm  for the size  US 9/42.5

The  thickness  of  insoles forefoot  is 96.56 mm  for the size  US 9/42.5

QUALITY BASKETBALL PRODUCTS IN SPIRED BY THE GREATEST PLAYER EVER (to provide quality products for great players)

For the weight, it is just 423.2 g for the size us is pretty good . also the court feeling is nice .

Overall, Air Jordan 11 Retro Low —the “Iridescent” color scheme has attracted people’s attention because it the newest and a little different of the “Concord” . Different colors of light will be different color effects with a pearl-colored outer sole, bringing a different visual experience.For me, the size is normal, the width of the forefoot is moderate, the nice cushioning and material. it is nice and perfect. Dont miss it .

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When Sneakers Meet The Anime Culture

As a young pop culture, sneaker culture has a similar audience with the anime Culture. Most of the two cultures have been effected  by young people. When the two culture are combined  to the  world’s most popular culture, I believe all the big boys are irresistible.

Joshua Vides used his own design to vividly display the anime culture . It can be seen that he has carried out some wandering designs on the classic AJ1 and AF1. He added black outlines to the silhouette of the shoes, as if the shoes seems like comics were drawn and they were not clearly distinguished.

The popularity of “Dragon Ball” is one of the best in the world. Not only in Asia, but also in Europe and the United States, the influence is extensive. Therefore, we can often see the combination of some shoes and Dragon Ball. Perhaps because the “Dragon Ball” style is presented in the style of juvenile adventure, muscle, and fighting.

Shaquille O’Neal’s son Sharif O’Neill was on foot with AJ10, which was a combination of Dragon Ball, and was specially designed by sneaker customist kickstradomis. The sneaker upper has a three-dimensional super Saiyan form of Sun Wukong, Vegeta, and Sun Gohan with exquisite pearl skin material. It is a lightning effect transition under the state of purple orange blue with Super Saiyan. It’s looking so frisky that it’s impossible to buy.


In 2014, Jordan Brand teamed up with Inoue Takehiko to launch a  AJ6 . On the classic AJ6, it is created with the iconic full-red color  and printed with classic pictures in the comics, which are expressed by 3M reflective materials.

In the past 2017, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star’s 1released to celebrate the  the special-camera “Seventh Altman”. Both have also cooperated.


Inspired by Severvin Altman, this shoe is designed with Altman’s red color. The  shoe is placed in the armor-like silver material of Severvin Altman. He designed Altman on the tongue. Energy lamp on head. The insoles of the sneakers are printed on the left and right sides with the pattern of the Sayman Altman in half, showing the characteristics of Altman  in every detail.

In 2015, Marvel joined forces with Adidas to launch a Marvel-themed basketball shoe collection. Inspired by Marvel’s four famous super heroes, Captain America, Raytheon Sol, Iron Man and Hulk, Hulk will transplant their respective features to Crazy 97, Real Deal, Top Ten 2000 and T-mac 1.

The color of the iconic characters is more distinctive on the shoes. The first pair of shoes can immediately think of the corresponding super hero. Don’t know if you like T-Mac 1’s Hulk coloring.

I believe that all 80 and 90 years like the “Pokemon” and it was popular extremely , it does not matter anyway everyone want a Pikachu.The Pokemon’s various elf images also have been occur the sneakers world .

Some app has portrayed the Pokemon story on the game platform in the  worldwide, so everyone has the opportunity to start their own adventure. The famous overseas sneaker designer Jeff Cole also combined the popular Pokemon elements.

We have seen several of his designs in the exquisite, VaporMax’s ultra dream color, AJ12’s ghosts, UltraBoost Uncaged’s wonderful frog seeds, NMD R1’s Pikachu, AJ31’s fire dragon, AJ7’s water turtle are all his designs. idea. I believe that every big boy will not be reminded of his own childhood and the adventure that he once imagined when he saw these designs again. “Go ahead, Pikachu.”

Overall, The animation of blood, youth, battle, and adventure is popular in the European and American markets. Also the anime Culture such as the  Dragon Ball and Pokemon are a far-reaching influence on sneaker world .

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Reebok Answer 4 Performance Review

Allen Iverson’s Reebok Answer IV silhouette is set to return in the form of this masterfully crafted DMX Metal Box Set.Much like the Answer IV Playoff Playoff pack from last year, this pair will be housed in special packaging, and will come with a bit of extra swag – in the form of socks this time around. Dressed in white and red, the silhouette that Iverson wore during his 2001 MVP season in which he lead the 76ers all the way to the MVP finals, is back in another one of its original colorways.

Iverson’s sneakers will be impreesion for me. However,  Answer 4 is indeed a “sense of speed.” The streamlined body and the I3 logo that extends from the midsole to the upper will make people want to wear it and sprint right away, which is still very difficult for a pair of leather shoes .

In addition, the overall leather upper and heel part of the cortical lining also great, but I do not know whether it will released ,the heel part of the shoes will be designed to be a bit wide, also People will be a bit worried.

The cushioning of Answer 4 is actually very suitable for breakthrough shoes . I don’t know if the midsole is really thick or DMX is really useful. The cushioning of the shoes is really similar to the Kyrie 4 we tested before. This kind of soft and moderate cushioning may not be suitable for the actual field outside the cement and other hard venues (but you will not take the field outright), but also please pay more attention.

Although there is no  boost(yes, there are no forefoot boots), but the leather upper with zipper design can also properly cover the feet in the correct size of the selection, and the shoes are basically based on the adjustment of the package Lacing up. In terms of size, it is recommended that you buy a small one yard or a half yard (I usually buy the size of 44.5 , wearing a little more big for the size  44).

The traction looks pretty solid. Herringbone is laid out in such a way that back in 2001 if you only saw the traction then you would still know what player these shoes belonged to… the King of the crossover – at least one of them… I still love Tim Hardaway’s crossover a tad bit more.

Because the outsole TPU’s support, plus the thickness of the midsole itself is enough, so the resistance of the shoes is really good.

Reebok went another route by utilizing DMX foam instead of the original DMX I-Pak which housed an Air bubble at the heel and forefoot that were connected up the center of the shoe by a thin chamber so the air would flow based on impact. The foam is light in weight but feels pretty firm

Herringbone is laid out in such a way that back in 2001 if you only saw the traction then you would still know what player these shoes belonged to. the grip is nice .

Reebok went another route by utilizing DMX foam instead of the original DMX I-Pak which housed an Air bubble at the heel and forefoot that were connected up the center of the shoe by a thin chamber so the air would flow based on impact. The foam is light in weight but feels pretty firm.

Overall, All in all, Reebok Answer 4 is  nice . If you want to wear it in a mall, please try it on and choose the right size. We recommend this pair of shoes to some breakthrough small and medium weight defenders who have no ankle injuries. I believe that you can feel the speed of “I want to be a step faster” by wearing it on the court. However, we recommend using this pair of shoes for everyday wear. Sneakers in the actual combat process will cause the toe creases, and the sneakers on the glue and the bottom of the seam on the surface of the leather shoes is also more likely to cause wear in game.

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Kryie 4 VS Kryie 3 VS Kryie 2 ,Which is the best ?

The Kyrie 4 is the latest edition of Kyrie Irving‘s blockbuster shoe and, for the latest edition, Nike wanted to make sure that the shoe kept on evolving,then compare  with last version of Kyrie 2. and Kyrie  3, which one is the best ?

Nethongkome broke down some of the issues and challenges when it came to designing a shoe for the premier ball-handler, noting in the piece that “being able to pivot off my spot and have balance in the shoe, regardless of where my foot hits the court, is essential.”The new model is built from a blend of nubuck and mesh that is supported by Nike’s Flywire technology. A multi-material upper is swathed in black and boasts a big Swoosh logo on both medial sides. A thick midsole sports an “Anthracite” color-scheme that is speckled with light blue and purple accents, with those same colors found on Kyrie’s signature logo on the tongue tab. A white tractioned outsole that is reminiscent of the Kyrie 1 — due to its zig-zag design

For  the Kryie 4,the materials along the upper and  engineered mesh is featured at the forefoot and that provides you with a lightweight material that requires hardly any break-in time.Though the nylon is glued to around  which restricts all of the air flow, but in turn it strengthens the material.For the Kyrie 2 , it also to use the mesh fabric with woven that  give us more supporting and it also durable. For the Kyrie 3 ,Mesh is the primary feature at the toe and midfoot to heel. Meanwhile the flex zone at the forefoot is a foam reinforced with Flywire. The main difference between the Kyrie 2 and 3 comes from the materials,this setup is far greater than the one we received in the Kyrie 2.

There are some details for the tongue and the special logo

We can see the details for the materail

For the cushioning : Not only is Cushlon used, but it makes up the entire midsole.  is it improved ? Usually Cushlon is implemented with a Phylon carrier to the softer/bouncier foam mixture, but not this one just dont do that . The midsole is still on the thin side (at the forefoot) so the bounce-back that Cushlon usually offers is minimized, but much like adidas’ Bounce, this setup proved to be a well balanced offering of cushioning and court feel.

For the Kyrie 2, it is simply and it focus on the court feeling ,speed and the change of direction, but is  you want to the cushioning that which stay way or great ,maybe it is not the best one.

For the Kyrie 3,The Kyrie 3 has no cushion aside from the heel Zoom Air unit. Not sure why anyone would be mad at me for that. Court feel is the primary focus here.Some players  enjoy this type of setup, so if that happens to be you, then you’ll likely enjoy these a lot.  It is amazon that the shoe’s heel Zoom unit  that you crash down on your heel after a rebound, jump-stop, landing etc. it work well.

For the traction : Traction on the Kyrie 4 is comprised of multi-directional herringbone ,it  my favorite traction which  are aggressive yet traditional; this one mixes a little bit of the old with a little bit of the new.For the Kyrie 2, the traction just simply and plain,but the grip is nice , the court feeling also nice ,then it can stay outdoor for a long time .For the kyrie 3,Aggressive herringbone is featured from heel to toe along with two multi-directional pods. These pods are intended to allow the wearer to grip the court while swiftly changing direction while the herringbone covers linear movements.Near perfection is the simplest way to describe the setup and while most would applaud a brand for using such a pattern, it only has me scratching my head wondering why this isn’t just how traction is.

For the supporting ,Kyrie 3 with the rubber outsole’s exaggerated “teeth” offer a similar feel. The teeth wrap up and around the forefoot to stabilize the Cushlon a bit while also slightly caging the forefoot.

Kyrie 3 with  internal shank is at the midfoot for some minor torsional support while the heel has an internal heel counter.the supporting is great .

For the Kyrie 2, it is just so so ,I am a little worry that there are something supporting if without the support by material .

Overall,there are some different for the Kyri4,3,2, but we can still feeling the sprit and the quality is nice , so which one is best ? we are not sure ,it is up to you , whats your required ?

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Nike Kryie 4 Performance Review

The Nike Kyrie 4 is Kyrie Irving’s fourth signature basketball shoe. and all of his shoes ,the best impression is Hyperrev 2014 ferture with Zoom,dominance, with several new colorways,and it was relatively protracted, which was not suitable for the style of the Irving. After that, there other shoes of Irving which more improved. The support of the upper was improved compared to Hyperrev 2014 including the cushioning and supporting .

Nike Kyrie 2 is probably the favorite of Irving,  I have also got my feet on this pair of shoes. Many people will feel that this shoe will be more  brick, but for people like me, I  think it is quite great. As far as I know, Nike Kyrie 2 are actually not much worse in their feet, and they are relatively soft. But 3 canceled the strap, so if you like the strap ,maybe you can choose the Nike Kyrie 2.

For the box ,it is just so so , but for the color way , it is nice .


There is the words  “KYRIE IRVING”in front the box.


For the material ,it was covered with a suede, this material  feels very good texture, but it will may be worn out in the real game. because of it is relatively fragile. The upper is made of fabric, and the overall support is good. At the same time, the upper is more flattened to a certain extent. It can fit the foot surface to a certain extent. However, for the wilder footer,  it maybe be will more pressure .

There is more details as below :


The whole shoe made up by suede material, then both sides  shoe are embroidered with Swoosh logo, Compare with previous generations, the texture  of shoes should be much stronger.The soft feeling of and the smooth are very comfortable. The only worry is that the embroidery thread will be pulled off the line in the game.

The whole material  is very thick, and  the filling heel is about 1.5cm, the inner lining is also relatively soft, and the situation of scraping the heel does not occur. The heel is made of leather, The entire shoe has a radian-like feel. The individual feels somewhat similar to Air Jordan’s 2012 ass.

The inner upper is connected with Flywire, and there’re  total of four Flywires which  relatively thick. The entire boot is not particularly thick, but there is a good sense of softness. The tongue uses a semi-integral design, which means that the tongue part is connected with the inner shoe and the shoe part is free to move left and right. I believe we all know that the advantage of the half-body tongue is that it does not have to worry about the tongue being biased towards the side during running, and it can also be worn easily.

The tongue was sewed with a cortex mark, with the Irving “K” in front of purple and green, and behind the eye of God. There are many sayings about the eye of God. It can be found that the eye of God is the Aquarius celestial body, but the Irving is Aries, so this pattern has nothing to do with the celestial constellation. Irving’s left arm had a pattern such like the eye. The pattern was called Fatima’s hand. The  eye in the shoes  was similar to the eye of God . This pattern was like an amulet. These details can be seen in the very high level of participation of Euroscript people in Kyrie 4, and they also attach great importance to this pair of shoes.

Compared to the  3 insole, the 4’s insole should be thicker, in the sense of promotion of the foot feeling, the black anti-blue upper has the same Irving’s signature

For the traction , the Kyrie 4 is comprised of multi-directional herringbone  which a favorite of mine. I love when traction patterns are aggressive yet traditional; this one mixes a little bit of the old with a little bit of the new.This type of coverage worked really well on a variety of courts and conditions. Although the outsoles started off a bit slick the first couple of nights .

For the cushioning : The midsole are white with purple. The soft part of the purple part of the hand feels good, and the white fibers of the Zoom can also be seen. The wavy lines are used on the inner side of the full bottom . The grip is very strong.The heel still features a Zoom Air unit, that I felt was unnecessary for the most part as I tend to stay off my heels.The feedback from the midfoot  is not bad. The cushioning of the forefoot is a part of my favorite .but there will still be a sense of drag in the forefoot of the start.The midsole is still on the thin side (at the forefoot),but much like adidas’ Bounce, this setup proved to be a well balanced offering of cushioning and court feel.

Kyrie 4’s grip is worth mentioning. The different lines inside and outside the palms give the shoes a great grip. During the dribbling process, the ground and the shoes can be buckled together, allowing me to play well.

For the supporting : It just so so , the Kyrie 4 has an internal heel counter at the rear. It isn’t quite as strong as something like external TPU or carbon fiber,  but some part of supporting is from the material . Also the midsole up front is wide and sits low.  so if you like this type shoes, that is the best option for you .The way it’s sculpted also acts as like an outrigger, which is a huge bonus.

Overall, The Nike Kyrie 4 is Nike’s best performer  what I had . Its very well-rounded on all fronts in a way that makes the Kyrie 4 more like a Hyperdunk. There’s just enough cushion for most, solid traction, fantastic fit and adequate support, and the material is nice ,though the strap was moved , but it is also attraction by a lot of people .

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Nike Paul George PG2 Performance Review

Nike officially announced Paul George as its newest signature athlete last year, introducing the PG 1 sneaker with an attractive colorway inspired by his character-defining hobbies. After a successful first chapter, the PG 2 released . That is a excited news for the fans and the sneakers enthusiast .

I got one so lucky , so we will checking it .

The highly anticipated Nike PG2 “All-Star” gets a release date following last month’s teaser of a “Home Craze” colorway. The parred down basketball sneaker gets a tonal grey and orange upper sitting on a translucent blue outsole while its heel tab is printed with five purple PG logos, noting Paul George’s five All-Star Game appearances.

For the box , A three-dimensional shoebox pattern may be a recent trend in Nike.

For the material : Paul has always been super-welcoming and very easy to get along with. There was never any awkwardness or anything. so for his shoes , the design will used the more normal color to showing . this colorway is normal . for the material, PG2 followed the PG 1 that the main body is built with a thicker and stronger mesh. While the mesh is a bit stronger, there still isn’t any real break-in time required.


For the cushioning :Paul  wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Zoom and Lunar. With one full process under his belt, so this time the designer definitely learned from the process with the PG1 and even with the 2. The PG 2 offers a setup that is light, stable, and supportive that features 10mm of Zoom Air in the forefoot.  so we  can feel  a nice spring to each step of your stride.


The outsole traction has been spaced out for better grip, and the Zoom bag is 2 millimeters thicker and sits directly under the foot. All of these substantial changes deliver exactly what Paul wants and needs in his shoe. 

For the traction : The Nike PG 2 brings an aggressive pattern to the outsole, and it is  a multidirectional and works well under pressure.  for the traction , the grip is nice , If I  start to quick and jump, the wipe is all you’ll need. The grooves are widely spaced so clogging will rarely occur, making these an ideal shoe for most players that maneuver their way around the court with or without the ball. that is great , is it ?


“T” is his sister— Teiosha, she is a basketball player. PORT is his another sister, she is a volleyball player. It can be seen that family is very important for Paul.

For the supporting :it will be better then the PG1 .some parts of supporting is from the material.There is a small torsional shank in place, nothing new for the budget Nike models at this point, along with an internal heel counter. so it  will be better then PG1.For me. I would have liked to have had a slightly sturdier heel counter in place.

Overall, Cushion and traction will be the most noticeable upgrades while the forefoot fit may go unnoticed by those with normal shaped feet.Then the colorway is normal , it is not like the others shoes with cool colory, but it is nice

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Air Jordan 6 Performance Review

For the Air Jordan 6, it has been a popular classic shoes since designed by Tinker Hatfield and debuted in 1991. The shoe features a mix of leather, number “23” branding on the upper, visible Air, and a rubber sole. and the version of ‘Oreo’ is one of the most popular colorways of the Air Jordan VI (6).

So luck that I got one in last year. we can check the details as below :

Jordan Brand has something special planned for this summer: they’re bringing back the Jordan 6 Low in at least 3 colorways. One of them will be the Air Jordan 6 Low “Oreo”. Icy blue touch on the outsole, as the shoe sticks with the purest form of the translucent bottom instead. A chrome lace lock matches the Metallic Silver branding on the tongue and heel.  it is the most classic  colorway for the Jordan’s

For the material :the greatest contribution air Jordan has made to the world basketball sneakers is their sheer variety. there is a Jordan for every sort of wearer, and every style of personality. The jordan 6 retro can be easily slipped off and on via two holes in the tongue and modified heel . the upper used the different material.

For the supporting :One part of supporting is from the material shoes. and the high top design of Jordan 6 retro provides extra stability and comfort for the ankle , vitally important to the support of pivoting and other sudden motions. the perforated holes along the exterior allow for the release and intake of cool air ,while a reinforced toe cap requested by Jordan himself prevents injury


For the cushioning :it is nice The Polyurethane is dense and the Air Units are embedded within so you won’t receive a comfortable ride but the impact is being absorbed a little.but if you are looking for the better, maybe it is not enough…


For the traction : it will be oxidation  , that is a problem we can not deal with …. then the grip is nice .however, if kept clean they are actually very good at keeping your foot planted on the floor no matter what you were doing.Personally I use a traction mat but you can easily bring a lint roller or a roll of duct tape with you to quickly remove debris from the sole. the jumpman logo as usually classic . but if you are looking for the great traction , maybe it not the best version for you .

there are the details  in the tag of inside .

Overall, it is nice , compare  with   running shoes , it is also comfortable, but the cushioning of NMD  will be better. The whole material  is nice  and the insoles  also great.   for the traction , it is a little stiff. but the grip is nice .